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Tile Savers is the ideal answer for pool owners who have that ugly white ring around their pool. Family owned and operated we bring 30 years of professionalism, knowledge, and experience in restoring the beauty to your backyard.

Steps of Tile Cleaning

Tile Savers not only saves you from the hassle and costly decision or replacing your pool’s tile, it also saves you money by conserving your pool’s water! By lowering the water level just below the bottom of tiles we are able to clean the tile and add a protective sealant. We can also work on empty pools.

We use bead blasting to remove the mineral deposits and the white calcium scale from your pool’s tiles. The bead blast method employs micro spheres under pressure that gently flakes off calcium deposits without damaging your existing tile. Bead blasting has the resemblance of sand blasting; however bead blasting is less abrasive yet more effective. Tile Savers does not use any chemicals that are dangerous to the environment, children, or any household pets you may have. We do NOT use grinders or wire wheels that can scratch the surface of your tiles. Also, there is no change to your waters pH or chemical balance.

We apply a protective sealant to the tiles. The sealant acts like wax applied to a car, allowing the water to bead off the tile.

We utilize our own equipment, keeping our clean up quick and hassle free. We vacuum the media and any residue from the pool without using your filter. We do not use any bleaches or chemicals throughout our process.


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